Expat.SG Meetups & Events

Expat.sg was formed to solidify expats in Singapore and show them how to live in harmony with the diverse cultures. We bring people from all over the world to connect and interact with locals and fellow expats in Singapore. This is our aim, to integrate the community by bringing locals and expats together.

There is nowhere in the world where you can find mosques, churches, temples and synagogues in close proximity to each other and people are still living peacefully together. This kind of respect for our fellows spring from a culture of acceptance and forward thinking. Differences are significant to maintain diversity. When we accept our differences and learn from each other, we create a country where laws transcend ethnicity and beliefs and focus on objective individual rights. Executed by an efficient government, protection of individual rights has led to strict but fair laws that protect the individual from harm, by itself and by others.

This is why Singapore is safe.

It provides freedom to do the right things i.e it's so easy to be healthy in Singapore, everything has been provided - beautiful parks with exercise machines and clean air by strict smoking and transportation rules. On the other hand it discourages activities that have negative impact on society i.e. smoking. It is not easy to be a chain smoker in Singapore, apart from the price and the scarce locations; the only comfortable smoking area is in Changi Airport where you suffocate to your own smokes and puffs! Strict, but fair. We do not want to prioritize the individual's right to smoke than the other individual's right to live a healthy life.

Some say that they feel freer to express themselves in Singapore than in their own country. This is true; in Singapore you have a clean slate and are free to strive to be the best version of yourself.

This is why Singapore is a trendsetter.

Letting individuals work on themselves and give their best to the community is where new, crazy and innovative ideas are fostered. We @ expat.sg understand this and we want to show our appreciation to Singapore. This is our objective.

For expats to appreciate Singapore they need to know what's going on in it! We chose the World Wide Web to meet that need and give our members the latest updates on current events, new ideas, and future trends in Singapore! Managed by experts in the industry, Expat.sg is your most reliable source of intel on what's in, what's not and what's coming! And we're always here to communicate.

We will be your eyes and ears in Singapore and if you wish to #BeSeen by thousands of our members, join us and let's come together!

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