Samina Malik’s Valentine’s Day Make Up

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TREAT YOURSELF THIS VALENTINES DAY! TAKE a PERSONAL MAKEUP COURSE BY EXPAT FAVORITE makeup guru SAMINA MALIK  and learn to enhance your  true beauty. RECEIVE 15% OFF her valentines day course!


Learn how to enhance your beauty with Samina's unique and holistic approach to Makeup and Image styling. Learn what products suit you and how to use them as she'll come up with a look perfect for you. Join the 100's of satisfied women and discover why Samina Malik and her courses have become a name expat women trust. Be your own makeup artist and rediscover your beauty once again!

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 About Samina Malik:


"I teach women how to enhance their beauty and personal style through my unique approach to customised makeup & image styling."

As a mother to 4 children, a victim of bullying and a survivor of self imposed negative self esteem, I am well versed in the troubles us women face and have been facing over the years.

Everyday we give to others with very little attention and time given to ourselves. We easily forget to refresh our look and over the years we fall into a makeup trap of dated products and old routines.

It's time to discover yourself!
Get a little "me" time and regain your confidence and belief in your own beautiful self with my Hot Mama Makeup Courses, Styling and Makeup Kit Shopping.

My mission is to help you Rediscover your beauty. I can teach you to:
Rethink your makeup routine
Redefine your best features
Look and feel Confident

I do this through my customised Makeup Kit Shopping and my various Hot Mama Courses which are designed to equip women with the all the skills and products they need to look their best, and for them to ulitimately become their very own makeup artist.

I am the one and only original "Personal Makeup Shopper" and "Personal Makeup Tutor" in Singapore. A unique service I developed after I realised that I was being constantly asked for my personal recommedations for makeup and image styling. After helping hundreds of women avoid the typical beauty purchase mistakes and helping them with the right selection of products and customised routines, I decided to make this my signature service. I haven't looked back since!

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