Moving to Singapore

Moving to Singapore

As many “expats” have said that they are actually earning more here than they had in their country of origin, some even felt that it was a good city to advance their careers as well as starting up a company. Even building up confidence with the economy as it’s ranked as one of the world’s least corrupt country. This has eventually led to Singapore being on the top ranked countries/cities to move and live in.

Moving to Singapore takes a shitload of time and patience but here’s a little bit and pieces for you to get prepared to move to the Lion City.

Do’s and Don’t;

As a popular destination for expats as well as visiting tourist, learning more of the city would benefit you a lot. There will be another article on cultures, traditions and religions. Singapore is a multi-racial and a diverse city-state. Openness in the city has also led to what is has become today and what it will be in the future however there are certain things you should take note to not get in any trouble.

  • Chewing Gum is prohibited

You have to admit, stepping or touching someone’s rubbish gum is awfully disgusting. The city has banned chewing gum or even having them due to the distasteful nature of human beings spitting or placing them on doors etc. They have however made an exception to people who uses gum for medical purposes. Unless granted, might as well bring a bottle of Listerine anywhere you go or a breath spray!

  • Walking around naked in the comfort of your home

YES, this is indeed a law! A little wacky I know, but if you happen to support nudism or just love being nude in bed, do it with your curtains down and not in full view of the public. And yes, you could be fine or served up to 3 months in jail! Better to know than be sorry later!

  • Don’t Litter

Being one of the cleanest cities, littering is a no-no. Singapore takes littering seriously, and if you happen to do and get caught, prepare your wallet to pay a hefty fine. Hold on to your rubbish, there are many rubbish bins located all around so finding one is never an issue.

  • Drugs

Singapore is one of the cities that has the least amount of drug abuse worldwide. Consuming drugs or caught in possession of drugs can lead to a heavy sentence, sometimes even the death penalty. They certainly don’t close an eye on the drug scene. But also remember, having drugs in your urine or blood when you land in Singapore could get you in trouble too. So, avoid them at all cost!


Flying to Singapore could be inexpensive or expensive depending on how comfortable you wish to get with a seriously long haul.  If you’re planning to get a cheaper flight, try booking them through They will provide with the cheapest flights for you (searching using incognito mode would certainly help!). Though obviously, booking the flights a lot more in advance would certainly help and try avoiding peak periods.

If you’re too busy to book a flight for yourself, seeking travel agents would be ideal. They have undercut prices which obviously are inaccessible to the public but if you were to find ideal prices online and see if the travel agent could beat the price, you will end up saving a few hundred!

Although if money isn’t an issue for you, flights would be easy to come by but saving a few dollars would benefit you in case of an emergency. If you have your mind set on a certain date, don’t wait out and immediately book it! Safe flight then, future expats!

Employment Pass;

Of course, you obviously need an employment pass to be able to get a job and not being kicked out of the country once your visa expired. If you already landed a job, your employer should be the one settling all your passes for you but unless otherwise, here’s what you should do.

But first, you need to be eligible for an employment pass, so head on to the Ministry of Manpower website and look for the “eligibility guidelines”. If you hate reading and/or not sure what certain things mean, you can try the online tool to see if you qualify.

Once you’re qualified, it takes up to (7)days before being granted a Social Visit Pass that entitles you to a yearlong stay for you to find a job that suits you best.

If everything goes well, you will soon receive your Employment Pass and ta-da , you have yourself a job and a pass in Singapore!


Having healthcare plans could certainly help if you happen to fall really ill or need to undergo a surgery or even any medical attention. Singapore has one of the most stupendous medical equipment. So by having good qualified doctors/nurses and having the most reputable equipment, you sure as hell would be paying a lot of money if you’re not covered by insurance.

To search one of the plans that better suits you, go on to for an extensive coverage plan. There will be an assessment and the site would pick out the few best plans for you, covering from inpatient/outpatient to even pre-existing medical conditions. Prices aren’t too bad either, depending on your needs, prices could go from $30(SGD) a month and above.

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