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"I teach women how to enhance their beauty and personal style through my unique approach to customised makeup & image styling."

As a mother to 4 children, a victim of bullying and a survivor of self imposed negative self esteem, I am well versed in the troubles us women face and have been facing over the years.

Everyday we give to others with very little attention and time given to ourselves. We easily forget to refresh our look and over the years we fall into a makeup trap of dated products and old routines.

It's time to discover yourself!
Get a little "me" time and regain your confidence and belief in your own beautiful self with my Hot Mama Makeup Courses, Styling and Makeup Kit Shopping.

My mission is to help you Rediscover your beauty. I can teach you to:
Rethink your makeup routine
Redefine your best features
Look and feel Confident

I do this through my customised Makeup Kit Shopping and my various Hot Mama Courses which are designed to equip women with the all the skills and products they need to look their best, and for them to ulitimately become their very own makeup artist.

I am the one and only original "Personal Makeup Shopper" and "Personal Makeup Tutor" in Singapore. A unique service I developed after I realised that I was being constantly asked for my personal recommedations for makeup and image styling. After helping hundreds of women avoid the typical beauty purchase mistakes and helping them with the right selection of products and customised routines, I decided to make this my signature service. I haven't looked back since!



To say that Sam is a Girl’s Best friend, Fairy Godmother and Makeup Stylist Extraordinaire is an understatement, doesn’t quite capture the gift that is Sam. She’s so much more… she is part beauty magician, part hypnotist, part therapist and an all-around transformer. Sam was recommended to me by a friend who “doesn’t wear make-up.” My friend sought a make-up lesson from Sam and ended up spending 4-hours with Sam and walked away with a look that prompted her friends to say “wow, you have never looked better: happier or healthier; what did you do; facial, drinking more water, laser treatment? You look vibrant, polished.” (no one said, “wow, you are wearing a lot of make-up” because you couldn’t tell she had any on).

Like my friend, I had no idea how to put on make-up. But unlike my friend, I wore make-up Monday through Friday (for work), one could say that I liked makeup, but I know now that I had no idea what I was doing, a difficulty compounded by Singapore’s humidity. So, I thought, let’s see what Sam can do for me… I walked away transformed. I realize now that I knew nothing; she taught me so much.

What’s so great about Sam is that she doesn’t represent one brand, but she knows them all, she knows the latest advances, which brands have the best products, the best brushes, the best tips and tricks, contouring, etc.

What I liked most about Sam is how much she cares about her clients; this is a labour of love for her, she seeks to understand her clients’ objectives, their lifestyle, and teaches them how to do their make-up (and take their overall style up a notch). And, she works around her client’s challenges (time-strapped professional women who have no time in the morning; transitioning make-up from day to evening; keeping makeup looking fresh during a frenetic high-stress 16-hour-day without needing powder or touch-ups, etc. or a drawer full of make-up and not knowing how to use it!).

Anyone and everyone who has worked with Sam remains friends with Sam “for life.” She is an amazing source of positivity and encouragement; she radiates beauty and love. My session with Sam was so successful that I had my entire team meet with Sam for a lesson and transformation. Sam is amazing and if you haven’t met with her already, you have no idea what you are missing.

Sara Paz
Global Director of Marketing

"We had a fantastic makeup class with Sam, full of great tips. Wish I'd done something like this at age 20 so I didn't have to go through all these years of blundering through eye makeup and that mysterious 'smokey-eye'! Loved how Samina had lots of stuff for us to true and great advice for all skin types and tones. she certainly knows her stuff. Thanks Samina"

Michaela Anchan
Owner of Woolfe Works

"Samina thanks for spending time today showing us the fabulous products from Marc Jacob and giving us a demonstration on how to apply the correct products, very helpful advise. I love the products and I'm looking forward to wearing them again tomorrow."

"My friends and I had such a great time with Samina. She was so nice and so helpful with teaching us makeup skills. I am definitely using her advice with my daily makeup routine. And when it's time to get fancy, I know what things to try for an even better evening look!"

"I am a portrait photographer and I have worked with Sam on several occasions and she is very easy going and fun to work with!When we worked together with the photo shoots she did a stunning night makeup which made a great impact on the images! Whatever help you need, she's the one!"

Gunilla Lungdren

"Sam give me a fabulous makeup session while I was covering the photography for her private event at Sephora last week. She did an expert job of explaining to me what the products do, which ones are best for me and most importantly - how to apply them. We have also worked together on a photo shoot and the magic she does with makeup is amazing! Highly recommended"

Amber Roberts

"Samina is the quintessential makeup and styling fairy godmother. First, she looks it with her flawless complexion, stunning makeup and yet friendly demeanor that puts even the most awkward makeup novice at ease. Second, she is so versatile with her makeup looks and has an incredible ability to tailor colors and products to customers of different shades, personalities and lifestyles. Samina has such a passion for cosmetics and a relentless and contagious energy that is so unique, making anyone who comes into contact with her an immediate convert to the wonderful world of beauty. Her unique personal makeup workshops help women buy the products appropriate for them and teach them how to use them so they look like themselves, only better. It is absolute sheer luck that I have Samina as a friend, colleague and makeup fairy godmother!”

Karen Raghavan
Benefit Cosmetics

"We would like to formally thank you from all the team at the Singapore Committee for UN Women for supporting our organization and our mission by offering your make up styling services at our "Buy to Save Photo Shoot" last week. The models look remarkable and you totally understood the look we wanted to portray. Your friendly attitude and professionalism made the girls feel comfortable."

Dora Lincoln
Business Development & Marketing

"As I did my very first photoshoot In Singapore, Samina was the makeupartist! She did a GREAT job, and I was ecstatic about the result! She is both pleasant and professional to work with! I would highly recommend to contact her, if you're interested in looking your most gorgeous self - SHE's the one to make that happen!!"

Model, Sweden

"Samina is a great makeup artist, easy to work with and talented. She transformed the actors for my two movies and really understood the look I wanted her to create for each character"

Rehan Malik
Stargate studios

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