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Nestled in the heart of Phnom Penh, we are Samai

Cambodia’s first and only premium rum distillery. We create hand-crafted, premium rums using high-quality, locally grown ingredients and a process that pays tribute to age-old rum making traditions.
Samai rums are complex and full of character, displaying a flavour profile that reflects the uniqueness of the Cambodian terroir. It is rum that Cambodians can take pride in; rum that we cannot wait to share with the world.

Samai is the Khmer word for modern, a new generation, looking towards the future. Samai is the first generation of rum in Cambodia.

Cheers to new generations


February 2013: Plans of Samai Distillery were settled.
Visits of plantations and selection of the best sugar canes
Purchase of the equipment
In 2014: Copeers distiller and stainless steel fermentation tank arrived
September 2014: launch of the Samai Gold Rum
Opening of the bar at Samai Distillery (only on Thursday nights)
February 2016: Launch of the Samai PX Limited Edition (388 bottles only)
October 2016: Launch of the Samai Kampot Pepper Rum
In 2017: Around 50 places in Cambodia (restaurants, bars, shops) have Samai Rums
June 2017: Launch of Samai Rums in Singapore

Our Rums

Samai Rum Singapore - Crowdfunding

After a long wait, it's now time to launch Samai Premium Rums in Singapore as the requests have been overwhelming! We wanted to do something very special for you : a Samai Rum crowdfunding campaign!

We are only offering a limited amount of 600 bottles of each rum, so its very exclusive for the people who support. Support us by pre-buy bottles of Samai Rums (delivery plan for December) and get the chance to get a hold of one of the first Samai bottles in Singapore!

Would be cool if you could support us, but also share this info with whomever you believe would be interested in exquisite rums… 🙂 We only have 20 days to reach our goal so let’s do it together!

Besides being able to get bottles of our rums, every participant will also receive an invitation to our Samai Rum Singapore Launch Party in December.

Check out how you can grab a bottle of exquisite Samai Premium Rum!

Our Process

1) Selection- Rich, Cambodian Molasses
Ot all starts with a locally grown sugar cane nurtured by a warm Cambodian sun and fertile Cambodian soil. Only specially selected, high-quality sugar cane is used to produce the rich, caramel molasses that defines the complex base of all Samai premium rums. Our molasses come from sugar cane produced in Koh Kong Province.

2) Fermentation (Anaerobe) - From sugar to alcohol
Our fermentation step involves molasses and select yeast and takes place in specialised stainless steel vats, under carefully controlled conditions. The result is a mineral-rich mash at 10% alcohol/volume, full of character and ready for distillation. The fermentation step last 6 days.

3) Distillation - Releasing the spirit
We use a handmade, 1800’s-style copper alembic for distillation. A rectifying lentil enables a purer distillate at 75% to 90% alcohol/volume, while keeping the rich character of the raw ingredients intact. Our copper pot has a capacity of 400L. The distillation takes between 15 to 17 hours.

4) Aging - Patience is the key
The distilled spirit is brought down to 65% alcohol/volume, aged in French and American Oak barrels and finished in Sherry casks. These barrels impart delicate flavour characteristics into the rum, whose character evolves in complexity, with each passing day.

5) Blending (& Filter) - Subtle combination
We taste each barrel carefully. Only rum from select barrels is expertly blended, brought down to 40% alcohol/volume and then allowed to rest.

6) Bottling - Meticulous, hand-bottled
When Samai’s distinctive flavour profile is achieved, the rum is hand-bottled in-house and ready to be experiences - complex and intriguing rums, born of Cambodia’s natural riches.

Our Team

Antonio Lopez De Haro - Co-founder & CEO

Daniel Pacheco - Co Founder & CFO

Darachampich Moang - Production Manager & Master Distiller

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Samai Distillery

200 Jalan Sultan, #08-02, Singapore 199018

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