Local Delicacies to try in Singapore

Local Delicacies to try in Singapore

I like food. I like eating. And I don't want to deprive myself of good food. - Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Being in another country, the most important thing everyone should do is definitely trying the foods that’s being offered by their countrymen/women. No one says no to new food or even food in general because if you do, there’s totally something wrong with you.

Well, please do expect a shit ton of food that consist of rice. You’re in an Asian country, don’t act all surprised! There are different kinds of food you can find here in Singapore, from traditional to westernised, all being served based on your likings for the day. There are many eateries all over Singapore - Food markets, Hawker Centres, Street food as well as restaurants. So, better start off with a bang.

Chicken Rice

Chicken and rice, what could go wrong?

And there it is, the Chicken Rice. Singapore is the first South East Asian country to be rated by Michelin Guide and surprisingly, a hawker stall “Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle” was awarded with one Michelin Star recently in 2016.

Located in the heart of Singapore, hawker goers queue up to have a taste of this famous stall. You should too as a plate of fragrant rice and chicken for only $2.50! Yes, you read it right! A Michelin star stall selling food at only $2.50.

(78 Smith Street, S(058972).)


Move on to the next food centre named “Lau Pa Sat”. This place boast a variety of food- Western, Chinese, Malay, Indian and even Thai food!

But there’s only one thing to give a shot while you’re here is to try the “Satay”. Basically meat on a skewer, ranging from Chicken, Mutton and Beef. They are then barbequed right in front of you, which makes it so much nicer. Dip those skewers in a rich and creamy peanut gravy and “wa-la” you have yourself a meal. Meats are chewy, juicy and yet prepared with love, and the charred parts of them just make it taste so good. Furthermore, a stick cost only a mere $0.60!

(18 Raffles Quay S(048582).)

Singaporean Breakfast

Why waste time finding American or English breakfast when we have ourselves a breakfast loved by many Singaporeans.

This breakfast consist of soft-boiled eggs and kaya toasts. Soft white breads, smeared with a ton of kaya (coconut recommended!) and butter. Toasting them give you a burst of flavours. Crack open the egg, pour some soy sauce and whisk it. You have yourself a really good breakfast and an amazing cup of coffee to finish it all off.

(Ya Kun Kaya Toast, all around Singapore.)

Chili Crab

Ask any Singaporeans what’s the most delicious food to eat here, and you will hear most people talking about “Chili Crab”.

Insanely good crab, splattered with chilli gravy and served with friend Mantous which is basically buns. The crabs are cooked in such a way that the meat doesn’t get stuck and you’re able to eat the whole crab without missing a single bite!

(No Signboard Seafood, 414 Geylang S(389382).)

Ice Kachang

Food without dessert is like not changing your bedsheet every 2 weeks! It’s not ideal, in it. Here’s one of my favourite dessert which is “Ice Kachang” literally meaning “Ice Beans”. Especially on such tropical weather the entire year in Singapore, this “Ice Kachang” soothes your throats and cools you down.

It’s basically shaved ice with red beans, jellies, palm seeds and any other filling you desire. It’s then showered with condensed or evaporated milk, with syrups. A cool dessert on a hot day, nothing beats that!

(Annie’s Peanut Ice Kachang, 20 Ghim Moh Road #01-35, Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre S(270020).)

There you have it, foods that I personally recommend, although there are many other foods that are great indeed and even restaurants with different price points. This are foods that you could eat all day and not get bored of. So start eating and stop complaining.

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