Expat.SG Wander Chat

Expat.SG Wander Chat


Whether you're new or practically a local, this festive time is perfect to make new friends and mingle with other Singapore Expats!

You're specially invited to join our safe and inclusive community, #SGExpats on Wander, where we exchange tips, make new friends and chat in a group!

Click here to check out Expat.SG on Wander!

Wander is a large community full of chat channels for everybody. Say goodbye to posting on social networks and waiting for comments, feedback and likes. Wander is the new, better way of interacting with people outside your social circle.

In exciting chat channels on Wander, you can:

Meet People Like You: Chat with strangers in your city and bond over similar interests!

Express Yourself: With photos, GIFs and polls, group chatting has never been more fun!

Build a Community: Start an interesting channel and the right strangers will join you!

Be Yourself: Showing the world your gamer tag, MBTI and more, or just stay anonymous
Instant Replies: Forums make you wait. Messaging is way faster!

It’s never been this easy to connect with new people! Simply:

1) Download the app from http://wander.chat/
2) Explore vibrant channels and join the topics you like
3) Chat!

Strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet. Go Wander Now!

Download Wander for free on the App Store & Play Store: http://wander.chat/

Posted in Special Offers | Posted on November 24, 2017