Family Comedy with The Kagools

Family Comedy with The Kagools


From: May 20, 2017, 12-30 PM
Till: May 20, 2017, 02-30 PM
The British Club, 73 Bukit Tinggi Road, 289761
Phone: +65 6467 4311
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“Beautifully executed... Perfect viewing for all ages and nationalities.” - Chortle ★★★★

For ages 4 to 104, The British Club is offering a family friendly afternoon of entertainment including buffet lunch with The Kagools.

$60+ per adult, $50+ per child. Book Direct with The British Club via email or call on 6467 4311

See a clip of The Kagools here -
“Following in the hallowed tradition of Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean” (Broadway Baby), The Kagools perform a physical comedy show featuring two silent and strange, but friendly, characters.

The show is universally appealing as the entire story is told physically, and as such is suitable for speakers of all languages and to young and old alike.

The Kagools live both in this realm (live on stage) and in an alternate reality (via an on-stage screen), which they effortlessly interact with to hilarious effect. Through mimed sketches, audience participation and using interactive multimedia, you’ll follow them on their ridiculous adventures.

“See The Kagools now before they make it big on TV" – The Advertiser (Adelaide) ★★★★★

“Brimming with wit and imagination...surely one of the outright funniest pieces of the entire festival" - TV Bomb ★★★★★

“A modern update of many of the old classic silent comedies I remember watching in black and white on telly as a child: I’m certainly laughing just as hard now as I did then.” - Mumble Comedy

“” – Rip It Up ★★★★

“These two are an absolute delight. It is a rare treat to see such skilful performers at work.

This is an upbeat, engaging and hilarious performance” - Broadway Baby ★★★★

“I came out feeling a little happier about the world... Lovely. Just lovely.” - The Skinny ★★★★

“Excellently executed... They’re here to find the silly child still within us. Perfect innocent fun for all ages.” - Short Com ★★★★

“Pure genius... Clever and entertaining... Comedy gold... Side-splittingly hilarious.” - Broadway Baby

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Location Map for Family Comedy with The Kagools

The British Club

73 Bukit Tinggi Road Singapore

Get to the end of the road and head up the hill (in your taxi). It's as far as you can go to the top and the entrance is on your right hand side.

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