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How to get your promo/event/ad published in our seasonal newsletter:

Your promo / event / ad can be listed for S$ 100


Seasonal promotions are free for all "Basic Priority" & "Priority Plus" listings

Not listed yet? No worries, send us an email with all of your details and we will create your listing without additional costs.

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What is included in the Basic Priority Listing?

.: Submit up to 4  promotions, events and updates every month and our team will edit and take care to publish it to #BeSeen.

.: Events will be featured in our monthly Event Guide and shared across selected social media channels.

.: Promotions will be featured in our monthly Promotion Guide and shared across selected social media channels.

.: Basic Priority Listings enjoy free feature in all seasonal newsletters, such as Lunar New Year, Valentines Day, Easter,  Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Oktoberfest, Halloween, Christmas, New Years Eve, selected local holidays.

What are the costs for a Basic Priority Listing?

The Basic Priority Listing is offered for S$ 500 per year, this is as little $ 1.40 per day!

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What is  the additional "plus" in the Priority Plus Listing?

.: Priority Plus listings enjoy the same features like the Basic Priority listings, plus:

.: Selected promotions, events and updates will be featured across Expat.SG's Social Media with 50k+ members.

.: Priority Plus Listings will be featured in selected categories across Expat.SG's website.

.: Details of customers (name, email address, phone number, pax attending, ect..) who RSVP to your event will be immediately sent to your email to add them to your database.

.: Selected listings, promotions, events and updates will be featured in our monthly email newsletter and Whatsapp broadcast.

What are the costs for a Priority Listing?

The Priority Plus Listing is offered for S$ 1000 per year, this is as little $ 2.80 per day!

Send us your entry promos / events / ads and we will include it in our newsletter!

The article will #BeSeen all over

  • Expat.SG website

  • Emails to our full database

  • Whatsapp Broadcast

  • 70+ owned social media Platforms

Social Media reach of the latest promotion:

28.000+ total reach - 19.000+ organic reach, 8.000+ paid reach.

Steps to get your entries posted all over our social media platforms:

PLEASE fill out THE TEXT BELOW, copy/paste to your email body and send it to:



1) Title of the event/promo/ad

2) Detailed menu if you got some

3) A small introduction of what is going on

4) Link to your Facebook Fanpage, Twitter & Instagram.

5) Exact event address or location of establishment

6) Phone number for reservations

7) Email address for reservations.

8) At least one photo of your venue

9) Start day and time

10) A link to RSVP



For promotions please email us at: daniel@expat.sg

Expat.SG Team

F&B Listings
Event Listing $50.00 SGD
Business Listing $250.00 SGD

Posted in Updates | Posted on April 30, 2017