#BeSeen Valentines & Chinese New Year Guide 2018

#BeSeen Valentines & Chinese New Year Guide 2018

Our Valentines Guide & Chinese New Year Guide 2018 will be blasted all over the world wide web no later than beginning February!

Let your promos and events #BeSeen by our more than 125,000 members on social media and in email newsletters to 50,000 email subscribers each, for just $250 or be part of both newsletters for just $400!

Limited to 10 events / promotions per newsletter of 50,000 email recipients, 1,600+ WhatsApp Broadcast subscribers and shared in more than 100 groups & pages, including the biggest expat group and biggest event group on Facebook. We will create different newsletters, limited to 10 clients each and send each newsletter to 50,000 email recipients.

All events & promotions will also be shared on our fan page "Valentines Day in Singapore" or "Lunar New Year in Singapore", which will be boosted starting from end of January!

If you are not listed yet on our website, we throw in a FREE permanent listing on expatSG.com! Existing Listings will be updated for free to your latest promotions / offers!

Valentines / Chinese New Year ad includes:
- Name of event / promotion
- Photo of your business (restaurant / store) or flyer of event / promotion
- Date / time of event / promotion
- Address
- Telephone number for reservations / orders
- Direct RSVP link
- Display of latest your posts on your social media (Facebook fan page, Instagram, Twitter)
- Description of offer / event
- up to 3 Photos
- Opening hours
- Detailed "how to get there" (Nearest MRT / Bus stops)
- Location Map including detailed directions


How to #BeSeen on the Valentines / Chinese New Year  Guide 2017:

  1. Click here for ONE listing (Valentines OR CNY) for $250 Payment with PayPal or any credit / debit card


    Click here for TWO lisitngs (Valentines AND CNY) for $400
    Payment with PayPal or any credit / debit card

  2. Email us your promotion, including a screenshot of the payment details to daniel@expatsg.com by latest 31st of January 2018.

  3. Receive an email confirmation with your receipt and the links to your free business listing & events & promotions online.

For more details, contact Daniel at +65 9715 4506 or daniel@expatSG.com







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